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Yulia Avgustinovich, Denver custom wall murals


I’m Yulia, and I’m making the world a more beautiful place with my wall murals.

With a world-class art education and more than 10 years of experience, I’ll help bring your craziest ideas to life.

My clients appreciate fast and dependable workflow, guaranteed best quality of my wall murals, attentive and creative approach.

With hand painted designed especially for you mural you will love your home! I guarantee!

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Wall Mural: Port Of Oakland

Hand painted wall decoration for California business “Magnolia Wellness”, located near the Port in Oakland. This marine theme wall murals, made with acrylic paint, created unique and welcoming atmosphere for “Magnolia’s” customers, who can’t stop to talk how much they like it. This mural became a part of their business success!

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Wall Murals: Native Birds and Plants of Northern California

Poppy flowers, wild irises, pheasants, and white egrets greet onlookers from the wall of the bridge in Oakland, California. Located in the industrial part of Bay Area, this wall murals are a perfect example of how art piece can change a whole ambiance of a space.

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Hand Painted Outdoor Wall Murals

Outdoor wall art turns any ugly wall into art peace. It changes people’s relationship with their community, gives them something to be proud of. Wall murals can be small or huge, can cover all surfaces of a building or consist of small elements of one big picture. There are millions of ways to express an idea, many techniques to harmoniously embed wall murals into the architecture of a building or public space. For your inspiration check out my portfolio.

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Interior Wall Art and Decorative Painting

Just imagine what wall mural can bring to your home, how dramatically it can improve the feel and look of the room, make it uniquely yours. Painted furniture, textured wall decorations will become the cornerstone of your house. enhance your style. They will become a treasure that will be passed through the generations. It’s great decor idea for any space, in office design, baby room décor or kitchen design. You will love your home with unique decorative painting, faux finishes and wall murals.

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Glass Mosaic on relief wall, Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Techniques and Ideas for an Outdoor Art

There are many beautiful mural painting techniques and types of an outdoor wall art for your specific design ideas:  from classic wall murals, old style fresco, to stone and glass mosaic. One can use sgraffito (image curved through layered colored concrete), stained glass,  or colored concretes or enamels.  All these types of wall decorations passed the test of time through the centuries to withhold any weather conditions and enhance the beauty of architecture or become a monument on its own.

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Individual Aproach

Every wall mural is one of a kind piece of art that is created especially for you and your space. Cookie cutter solutions do not belong here.



Reliable trustworthy service

Sit back and enjoy your day, that’s all that’s needed from you! Start with telling me your mural idea and let me bring your dream to life. Responsibility and professionalism are my best qualities!



Guaranteed Quality

The latest materials and technologies combined with thousands years old techniques of outdoor art, knowledge of composition and best art practices will make your wall mural withstand the test of time and many art critic.


Made with love and passion

Every mural project is my “baby”. From first sketch to the final coating I put all my heart and talent into it.

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Painting of the Aurora Fox Mural

Aurora Fox Mural creation process. The mural project for Aurora Fox Arts theater consists of four walls. Each wall is representing its own theme and reveals a different side of the theater history and repertoire.  In my previous blog post, I wrote a detailed description of the design for each wall. Here you can see the process of painting the project, of each mural. This is the wall that is facing E Colfax avenue. The Aurora Fox mural is featuring a classic representation of the theater: a muse, patroness of the arts, a harp, theatrical masks, a jester and a cupid, devil, romantic serenade musician, and two ladies wearing masks. The second wall, also facing North and Colfax Avenue, is representing the children’s half of the theatre’s repertoire. Here are clowns, jesters, puppets and circus performers. The third wall, west facing, is the biggest. The third mural wall is telling a story about the fire, that damaged the building in 1981 and it’s rebirth from the ashes with the help of the community.  And the fourth wall is south facing. It shows the pre-fire history of the theater. Vintage clothing and bright colors add to the retro ambiance the mural. The mural was painted using acrylic paints and was covered with an anti-graffiti coating. Please check out my previous blog post about the design description for this mural project > ___________________ Aurora / 2019... read more

Murals for Aurora Fox Theater

I was chosen to create murals for Aurora Fox Theater among two other artists. Four murals on four walls have a separate role in telling a story of the theatre.   For this project, I decided to create a bright, vibrant and dynamic design. The murals will represent what is going on in the fox art center and its unique history. The 1st wall, that is facing Colfax avenue will greet people driving or walking by. The mural will help people immediately understand that it’s a drama theatre. Due to the lack of posters or ticket office outside of the building, other than a beautiful neon sign, it’s hard to know that it is a working theater and not an old movie theater. The mural is featuring a classic representation of the theater: a muse, patroness of the arts, a harp, theatrical masks, a jester and a cupid, devil, romantic serenade musician, and two ladies wearing masks. The mural design is framed with thick red velvet curtains, to emphasize the symmetric, staged composition. The second wall, north-facing side of the building is representing the children half of the theatre’s repertoire. A clown, jester, puppets, circus performers and of course a crowd of amazed children audience all united with a paper scroll, geometric stage sets, and striped curtains. The third mural wall is telling a story about the fire, that damaged the building in 1981 and it’s rebirth from the ashes with the help of the community. On the right side, you can see the red flames of fire in the theater. The muse of theatric arts is helping to stop the... read more

King Soopers Mural Creation

The process of creation of King Soopers mural. In March of this year, I was chosen to create a mural for the newly renovated Kroger company grocery store King Soopeers in Aurora, Colorado which is located at 3050 South Peoria Street in Aurora. Here is the image of my proposal and the floor plan of the cafe area of the store, where the mural will be located. The mural is painted on four panels. It is a nice change to paint a mural at home, in my studio. It will be installed on its permanent location in August 2019. Come back to see the pictures of finished, installed mural next month. The mural represents the city of Aurora, it’s culture and environment. It’s main landmarks, like DeLaney round barn, Centenial house, Aurora Fox Arts Center, Red Cross building, John Gully homestead house, and others. Done in a collage style, the quilted and layered images encompass Aurora’s extremely diverse community as well as its distinct fauna and natural beauty. The centerpiece for the mural features Aurora’s city seal, shown as a rising sun, surrounded by the hands of its people, holding it together, as a symbol of unity and brotherhood, celebrating its strength in diversity. These aspects are also found in the traditional ornamental designs found throughout the mural; these represent Mexico and Latin countries, Native American, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Pacific Islander, Ethiopian, and Nepalese designs. The natural elements of local trees, birds and lakes pay homage to Aurora’s vast size, many parks, open spaces and nature reserves. In the foreground stands a white heron, symbolizing rebirth and hope. Nearby sits... read more

Telemundo Network Interview

The TV network Telemundo did a video feature with me: The interview was about me, my art and my latest mural “Symbols of Colorado”. This mural is created for the Denver Urban Arts fund, graffiti prevention program. It is located at the Cherry Creek trail at Confluence Park in Denver. Denver, Colorado /... read more

Cherry Creek Mural Creation in Denver CO

The Cherry Creek mural creation took place in November 2018. It is my second mural created for the Denver Urban Arts Fund Graffiti prevention program. It took me around three weeks to finish the mural. The weather in November wasn’t helping me much. It snowed, froze and rained often, so I had to stay home a lot, instead of going to paint as I planned. Pictures of the process of the Cherry Creek mural creation: The mural is located in a very busy part of the Cherry Creek trail. Cherry Creek flows into the South Platte River there, in Confluence Park. The mural consists of abstract geometric shapes and designs. Images of state symbols and local birds and animals are intertwined among it. This mural is the second part of my “Symbols of Colorado” mural series. The first one, mural “Viva Colorado” I painted in the fall of 2016. It is located at West Alameda Ave and Santa Fe Drive. To see the pictures of that mural, please visit the project page > You can read more about the design idea in my previous post about this mural project > The TV network Telemundo did a video feature with me, please see the interview here > Here you can see a video of the finished mural: ____________ Denver, CO / 2018... read more

Azulejo Tile Murals and Portuguese Public Art

Azulejo, painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework, on the facade of the church. In the middle of January 2019, my family and I went to Portugal for two weeks. We fell in love with the county’s beautiful people, food, weather and of course, art, architecture and history. Azulejo facade, Lisbon, Portugal Most houses are covered with glazed, ceramic tiles, called azulejo. From churches and palaces to apartment buildings are decorated with them. Azulejos, Lisbon, Portugal Mostly, azulejo has blue tones. Azulejos, Lisbon, Portugal From decorative ornamental tiles, that are covering whole walls, to intricate tile murals that depict some historical plots, azulejo turn the streets of Portuguese cities into outdoor museums. Lisbon, Portugal The unfortunate side of Portuguese street views is graffiti. Tags and graffiti are everywhere. The main streets and squares, government building, museums are all covered with this unfortunate ugliness. Lisbon, Portugal Modern public art and murals in Lisbon. Red shingle roofs of Lisbon, Portugal. Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal Aveiro, Portugal Aveiro, Portugal Another interesting and beautiful part of every city decor in Portugal are the sidewalks laid with pebble stones. They often are laid in some designs and ornaments. Tile mural, Aveiro, Portugal Tile mural, Aveiro, Portugal Tile mural, Aveiro, PortugRal Relief mural in Aveiro, Portugal Coimbra, Portugal Beautiful Douro river in Porto, Portugal Porto. Portugal Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados and Porto’s train station, Sao Bento. 19th-century railway station noted for its elaborate azulejo tilework in the main vestibule. There are approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles, dating from 1905–1916, that were composed by Jorge Colaço, an important painter of the time. _______________ Modern tile mural in Porto, Portugal Tile mural by Joana Vasconcelos in Porto, Portugal ________________ Portugal /... read more
Yulia avgustinovich, Bay Area muralist, hand painted wall murals and decorative painting

Yulia Avgustinovich

I’m a professional muralist with more than ten years experience in creating hand painted wall murals and home decor, with more than ten years of art education in the best art schools: Saint Petersburg Art Academy of Russia and The College of Art in Minsk, Belarus.

I put all my knowledge, talent and passion into every mural, from start to finish, from sketches, designs all the way to the final brushstroke.  Whether it’s interior or exterior, small or big project you will receive guaranteed quality that you will enjoy for many years to come.

I will turn the ugliest wall into a beautiful piece of art, make any space welcoming and pleasant environment. And just imagine what can the mural do for already gorgeous interior?!

I love artistic challenges and interesting mural projects of any scale and size, it’s what I’m best at and it’s what I live for.

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Yulia’s Port of Oakland wall murals not only are a great and beautiful addition to our workplace, it’s a wonderful conversation piece and adds identity and character to our business.

Andrew Song

C.F.O., Magnolia Wellness

I can easily say that one of the nicest aspects of what greets patients at our facility is the wall mural that Yulia created of the port of Oakland. It is really detailed, the colors are soothing and creative, and the mural draws everything interesting outside and brings it in. We are so happy with her work! Definitely hope to get another one soon!!! Highly recommend Yulia Avgustinovich.

Debby Goldsberry

Community Representative, Magnolia Wellness

What Yulia does with drawings is unexplainable. She has done so many drawings for me, animals (many different kinds) and people, and she manages to capture their spirit. Thank you Yulia, so much.

Kelly Stahl

Yulia’s wall murals are like medicine, it lightens everybody up, makes you feel good, it never goes unnoticed and I’ve never heard a bad thing about it. They educate the community about local wildlife.  It’s easy to see Yulia put a lot of love into it.

Yulia’s mural opens up something in people that they never knew they had, this mural is for everyone in the community, from every walk of life, it’s a part of me, really it’s a part of all of us.
Steven Brown

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