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Ideas for Interior Wall Decoration in the Designing of Bars and Restaurants

Ideas for Interior Wall Decoration in the Designing of Bars and Restaurants

Back in 2008, I participated in the creation of wall decorations for a bar and restaurant “Pirate Flint” in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was a very big project for our art studio “33plus1”, it included many wall murals, textured wall panels, faux stone wall decoration, sculptures and window art.  Hand painted wall murals in marine themes were all over the restaurant: Paintings of old passenger ships in a harbour of Holland. Wall decoration with fishing boats at the pier. The Murals were made by me, Yulia Avgustinovich, Michael Buntin and Ludmila Karavai. The process of mural painting. Ceiling mural by Samoilov Den. _________________________________________________ The walls in the main hall were covered with textured wall panels made of plaster, cement block and fake stones. _________________________________________________ Fake sharks, a sculpture of a pirate, reliefs and wall murals created an atmosphere of old-time pirate ship and put visitors in a pirate party mood. Shark sculptures were made by Petuhova Darya. The sculpture of the pirate Flint was created from blocks of cellular lightweight concrete. All other reliefs, faux stones were created from this material too. The architecture and interior design: Artushenko Aleks and Krivozna Andrew. In the creation of the designs and wall decoration participated: Pavel Shugurov, Drevlo Vsevolod, Korablev Sergey, Musyka Sergey, Bogdan, Klimovsky Mihael, Pisarev Aleks and others. To see more pictures of wall murals, sculptures and reliefs visit the project page > ART BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER! Come join me on this journey I respect your...

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