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Mural on W Alameda and Santa Fe Drive in Denver is coming soon!

Mural on W Alameda and Santa Fe Drive in Denver is coming soon!

I was chosen by the Denver Urban Arts Fund to create a mural on an empty wall at Alameda Ave. & Santa Fe drive in Denver, CO,  in the Baker neighborhood. It’s a great location for a mural: hundreds, maybe even thousands of cars are passing by this corner every day and standing in traffic jams on highway I-25 and Alameda Ave. I decided to choose a symbolic theme for the mural. The design depicts symbols of Colorado, as my other latest murals do, but on a larger scale. Also, it shows the contrast between nature and human civilization. Some main elements are: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, State Animal; Greenback Cutthroat Trout, the State Fish; The State Insect: Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly; The State Tree, Colorado Blue Spruce; The State Flower, Rocky Mountain Columbine; Native American Rug, Colorado State Plant – Claret Cup Cactus, Historic houses of Baker neighborhood. The process of the creation of the mural will start in the middle of September 2016. To see the pictures of the mural painting visit this page> Address: 919 W.Alameda Ave, Denver,CO 80223 (see it on a map) Feel free to stop by and say HELLO! Pictures of the finished mural you can see here> ART BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER! Come join me on this journey I respect your...

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