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A New Tunnel Art in Longmont Colorado is Coming Soon!

A New Tunnel Art in Longmont Colorado is Coming Soon!

Tunnel art at 21st & Hover street underpass in Longmont, CO will be my next exciting project! The underpass is mostly used by bicycle and pedestrian traffic from nearby communities, who are going to McIntosh Lake, Garden Acres park, using the designated “Longmont (bicycle) Loop” or accessing the many businesses. Mural Design Longmont is a small city with a growing population that still has a small town feel, honoring the historical roots to the Chicago colony while concurrently embracing the technological advances of modern day society and the opportunities provided. Longmont continues to grow in its representation of diverse cultures. Realistic images are mixed in with stylized, representing the diversity of culture in Longmont. Poppy flowers, osprey, a cyclist on a mountain pass, and historic colonial buildings. Multi Modal colorful design elements resemble a collage or a quilt. The walls inside the underpass will have light and bright colors to brighten up the tunnel and invite people to go through the underpass. North Wall.  The west wing has images of Longmont’s beautiful lakes and nature and our bright Colorado Sun; over the old colonial buildings; Water birds, fish, and flowers all native to Colorado; All across the mural I included flowers and blooming plants as a symbol of growth and inspiration. Also, bears on a tandem bicycle. South Wall. Flowers, plants, an unicyclist with fresh farmed produce, representing the agricultural past of Longmont. Abstract shapes and forms, Floral elements; Lakes, mountains and birds. The Collage style of the design represents the diversity of Longmont’s people and its culture. This is an energetic and rhythmic design; it invites people to continue their...

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