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Welcome to my new website!!

Welcome to my new website!!

Hello friends! Welcome to my new website! The new online home for my art and my wall murals! It was launched very recently, so if there are any bugs or problems please let me know, I would really appreciate it. The main focuses of my creative life are wall murals and public art. It was always one of my main interests, and after getting tired of illustrations, sitting behind my computer all the time, I decided to pursue my passion and put my attention to murals. It is what I most enjoy doing, what I’m best at and what I feel is the best use of my talent. I love how wall murals can transform an unremarkable facade into a powerful work of art, how one mural can change a whole community, and give people something to be proud of in their otherwise dull neighborhood. As a true renaissance person, not that I’m comparing myself to Da Vinci, I still have a ton of other interests: photography is a big one, drawing and fine art, mosaics, and illustrations. I still haven’t decided if I need to include them all onto my website. Some say that it’s best to have separate websites for each medium and different topics, not to confuse clients, some recommend including all art passions in one, because they all are parts of me, and people would like to know me from different angles. I think I’ll experiment with it and see what works best. For now, my website is all about my hand painted wall murals and custom home decor. Another new thing for my website...

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