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In Saint Petersburg Russia, I participated in the project creating unique handmade lamp shades for restaurants. Some were made completely from scratch and some had a base of old chandeliers and had new covers.


Den Samoilov at work.

The first lamp shades were created for the “Chaliapin” Restaurant.  They were designed by architect, Artem Nikiforov, with the Architectural Group Saint Petersburg, (, and were dedicated to the Russian opera singer, Feodor Chaliapin. The restaurant’s design was set around interior lighting, the lamps acted as the center piece.Lights_For-Restaurant_Shalapin1_04 The shades have printed photographs on their perimeter and feature historic figures from the beginning of 20th century, the time of Chaliapin’s life. Handmade Lamp Shades for Restaurants_Shalapin


The second project was made for the same restaurant owner and designed by architect Artem Nikiforov as well. “Chaliapin. 2” has different style and lamp shades have a more traditional, classic look.

Some shades went over classic chandeliers, as they had before. They really added a very cozy and completely new feel to the interior lighting.Yulia_Avgustinovich_Artist_Bay_Area_hand_painted_wall_murals_Handmade_Lamp_Shades

The metal work for both projects was made by Zaharov Vladimir, “ZanavesKi”, “33 plus 1”. 2008 – 2009.


The Lamp shades for an on boat restaurant  “Ocean” have a more organic style. The shades were made from folded linen fabric and went over classic traditional chandeliers.

Michael Buntin is folding fabric

Michael Buntin is folding fabric

Ligts_For_Restaurant_Ocean_02The mix of the two different styles created a completely new feel to the interior, it became softer and cozy but at the same time, remaining very elegant.




Participants in this project included, Dan Samoilov, Polina Afejchuk, Michael Buntin, Anton Nikiforov and Vladimir Zaharov (metal).

 2010 / Saint Petersburg, Russia

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