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Yulia Avgustinovich, Denver custom wall murals


I’m Yulia, and I’m making the world a more beautiful place with my wall murals.

With a world-class art education and more than 10 years of experience, I’ll help bring your craziest ideas to life.

My clients appreciate fast and dependable workflow, guaranteed best quality of my wall murals, attentive and creative approach.

With hand painted designed especially for you mural you will love your home! I guarantee!

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Wall Mural: Port Of Oakland

Hand painted wall decoration for California business “Magnolia Wellness”, located near the Port in Oakland. This marine theme wall murals, made with acrylic paint, created unique and welcoming atmosphere for “Magnolia’s” customers, who can’t stop to talk how much they like it. This mural became a part of their business success!

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Wall Murals: Native Birds and Plants of Northern California

Poppy flowers, wild irises, pheasants, and white egrets greet onlookers from the wall of the bridge in Oakland, California. Located in the industrial part of Bay Area, this wall murals are a perfect example of how art piece can change a whole ambiance of a space.

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Hand Painted Outdoor Wall Murals

Outdoor wall art turns any ugly wall into art peace. It changes people’s relationship with their community, gives them something to be proud of. Wall murals can be small or huge, can cover all surfaces of a building or consist of small elements of one big picture. There are millions of ways to express an idea, many techniques to harmoniously embed wall murals into the architecture of a building or public space. For your inspiration check out my portfolio.

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Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Interior Wall Art and Decorative Painting

Just imagine what wall mural can bring to your home, how dramatically it can improve the feel and look of the room, make it uniquely yours. Painted furniture, textured wall decorations will become the cornerstone of your house. enhance your style. They will become a treasure that will be passed through the generations. It’s great decor idea for any space, in office design, baby room décor or kitchen design. You will love your home with unique decorative painting, faux finishes and wall murals.

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Glass Mosaic on relief wall, Denver hand painted custom wall murals| Colorado Muralist| Decorative Painting

Techniques and Ideas for an Outdoor Art

There are many beautiful mural painting techniques and types of an outdoor wall art for your specific design ideas:  from classic wall murals, old style fresco, to stone and glass mosaic. One can use sgraffito (image curved through layered colored concrete), stained glass,  or colored concretes or enamels.  All these types of wall decorations passed the test of time through the centuries to withhold any weather conditions and enhance the beauty of architecture or become a monument on its own.

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Individual Aproach

Every wall mural is one of a kind piece of art that is created especially for you and your space. Cookie cutter solutions do not belong here.



Reliable trustworthy service

Sit back and enjoy your day, that’s all that’s needed from you! Start with telling me your mural idea and let me bring your dream to life. Responsibility and professionalism are my best qualities!



Guaranteed Quality

The latest materials and technologies combined with thousands years old techniques of outdoor art, knowledge of composition and best art practices will make your wall mural withstand the test of time and many art critic.


Made with love and passion

Every mural project is my “baby”. From first sketch to the final coating I put all my heart and talent into it.

Completed Projects


Satisfied Customers

Years of Art Education

Blog Posts

First Ground Mural for the 40 West Artline is Completed

On Friday, June First, the 40 West Artline was launched. The same day I finished my first ground mural for this project in Lakewood, CO. The size of the mural is 6′ by 11′. My mural “Movement” is painted on the sidewalk of 17th Street, between Pierce and Reed streets in Lakewood, CO. Dynamic lines and elements of transportation in the mural are in spired by the proximity of the DMV and Aviation park. Bright colors and cheerful atmosphere are welcoming changes and represent hope for the best future. I was working for three days under the strong Colorado sun and of course got sunburned. My second mural for the 40 West Artline will be painted in Mountair Park, between June 7th and 9th. To see the design for both murals please visit my previous blog post... read more

Ground murals in Lakewood are coming soon!

My next project is starting next week, May 30th, with ground murals for the 40 West Artline in Lakewood, CO. The 40 West ArtLine is an exciting new amenity being developed in the heart of the 40 West Arts Creative District along historic West Colfax Avenue and the W Line in Lakewood, Colorado. I’ll be creating two ground murals and art for a fence for this project. To read more about it and about other art that is being created for the Artline visit their website >  Mountair Park ground mural “Blooming city”. Mural design was inspired by the agricultural history of Lakewood and the urban farm at the Mountair park. Flowers and plants represent growth and new beginnings that are happening in the city. The mural will be painted in the center of the park, between the baseball field and children playground.   Another mural will be painted in the park near the Lakewood’s DMV, right next to Aviation Park. The mural “Movement” will be painted on the sidewalk along the north side of 17th Ave., between Pierce and Reed streets. Dynamic lines and elements of transportation in the mural are inspired by the proximity of the DMV and Aviation Park. Bright colors and cheerful atmosphere are welcoming changes and represent hope for the future. ____ It will be my second experience painting ground murals. The first was a very successful mural created in 2016 in Aurora, CO. A massive two street block mural was painted during two weekends with the help of more than 350 volunteers. You can see and read more about this project here and here > ____ Come back soon to see the process of the painting of the ground murals and the... read more

Creation of Flower Wall Mural in RINO, Denver

The Flower wall mural’s creation process started on May 1st, 2018. The mural is being painted on two ground level walls of a private house in River North district of Denver, CO. The client’s dog, Mei-Mei, is monitoring the process. As always, my husband Nick is helping me, taking care of our daughter Aleksandra, and painting while I’m with her. Bright hollyhocks, peonies, clematis are blooming now on previously grey walls. Even though the mural is not finished yet – the atmosphere of the yard has already changed dramatically. And it’s so fun to see the happy faces of the clients! The design for this floral mural was inspired by my previous mural with native plants and birds of Northern California in Oakland. The walls of the house before the mural: Come back in few weeks to see the finished mural! _____________ Denver, CO /... read more

Equine Art Creation for Colorado State University

The equine art project was my first mural of 2018. It was created in the beginning of April for the Equine Sciences Center of CSU in Fort Collins, CO. The mural is a collage of all of the programs and activities of the center: Veterinary medicine, orthopedics, nutrition, training and riding, judging, packing and outfitting, reproduction, genetics, equine-assisted activities, and therapies. Polo Roping It took my husband, Nick and I almost two weeks to finish. We met some really nice people, one of them, instructor, John Snyder. The process of mural creation. To see pictures and all the details of the finished mural go to the project page > Fort Collins, CO /... read more

Design for Alameda Light rail Station Mural Project

The design for “Alameda” light rail station in Denver, CO was one among other projects that I created and submitted in 2017. It was an international call with hundreds of submissions from all over the world, but I still decided to participate. The building where the mural was planned to be painted on belongs to Xcel Energy. That is why it was encouraged to have elements of electricity, energy, and sustainability. It is a long wall that was wrapping the building, with many “bends” and corners. Other themes to be included were transportation and city life due to the initiator of the project, The Denver Light Rail transit system. My idea was to create a detailed mural with strong symbolic significance as well as very monumental and powerful. My design has many faces, people, and emotions in it.   I tried to interlace timeless elements of nature with modern life and with its characteristics: electricity, transportation, cities, and industrialism. At the same time, I wanted this mural to give a feeling of hope and optimism for the future.   As with a few other projects of 2017 that I wrote posts about, my design wasn’t chosen for realization. But it was fun to participate in this project, create an interesting design and learn a lot about Denver through research in preparation for it. Denver, CO /... read more

Ten Year Mural Anniversary

2018 is the ten-year “Birds in a meadow” mural anniversary! It is one of the oldest outdoor murals that I participated in and that still exists. It was created in the summer of 2008 on the territory of a playground of a kindergarten in the center of St.Petersburg. You can read the story of how this mural came to life in my previous blog post “How you can get a mural job if nobody is hiring”> It was created using rope access, without a lift. It was my first ever mural using this type of access, it was both very challenging and fun. The modest appearance of the mural and it’s graphic style look especially good in the winter, that usually lasts more than six months there.   Considering  Saint Petersburg’s harsh climate, with it’s moist, cold and long winters, humid summers ten years is a pretty good age for a mural there! To see more pictures of the mural please visit this page> ___________________________________________________ 2008 / Saint Petersburg, Russia... read more
Yulia avgustinovich, Bay Area muralist, hand painted wall murals and decorative painting

Yulia Avgustinovich

I’m a professional muralist with more than ten years experience in creating hand painted wall murals and home decor, with more than ten years of art education in the best art schools: Saint Petersburg Art Academy of Russia and The College of Art in Minsk, Belarus.

I put all my knowledge, talent and passion into every mural, from start to finish, from sketches, designs all the way to the final brushstroke.  Whether it’s interior or exterior, small or big project you will receive guaranteed quality that you will enjoy for many years to come.

I will turn the ugliest wall into a beautiful piece of art, make any space welcoming and pleasant environment. And just imagine what can the mural do for already gorgeous interior?!

I love artistic challenges and interesting mural projects of any scale and size, it’s what I’m best at and it’s what I live for.

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Yulia’s Port of Oakland wall murals not only are a great and beautiful addition to our workplace, it’s a wonderful conversation piece and adds identity and character to our business.

Andrew Song

C.F.O., Magnolia Wellness

I can easily say that one of the nicest aspects of what greets patients at our facility is the wall mural that Yulia created of the port of Oakland. It is really detailed, the colors are soothing and creative, and the mural draws everything interesting outside and brings it in. We are so happy with her work! Definitely hope to get another one soon!!! Highly recommend Yulia Avgustinovich.

Debby Goldsberry

Community Representative, Magnolia Wellness

What Yulia does with drawings is unexplainable. She has done so many drawings for me, animals (many different kinds) and people, and she manages to capture their spirit. Thank you Yulia, so much.

Kelly Stahl

Yulia’s wall murals are like medicine, it lightens everybody up, makes you feel good, it never goes unnoticed and I’ve never heard a bad thing about it. They educate the community about local wildlife.  It’s easy to see Yulia put a lot of love into it.

Yulia’s mural opens up something in people that they never knew they had, this mural is for everyone in the community, from every walk of life, it’s a part of me, really it’s a part of all of us.
Steven Brown

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