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Painted Stairs Project was a part of “Imagine 2020“: Denver’s Cultural Plan by Denver Arts and Venues.

 is a program advancing arts and culture in the city of Denver.

Painted_Stairs_Mural_Painting_Staircase_Oneida_Denver_Colorado_Art_Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist (10)

They organized an art competition between the city districts of Denver. The district #5 and a councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, invited me to paint a staircase in the district she represents as a part of this event.

painted stairs

I used street marking paint for this painted stairs mural, so it will last longer on the staircase.

Please, check out my other murals using such paint: a street mural in Aurora CO > and Ground mural project for the 40 West ArtLine in Lakewood, CO.

My favorite helpers: my husband Nick Angelo and daughter Aleksandra.

Painted_Stairs_Mural_Painting_Staircase_Oneida_Denver_Colorado_Art_Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist (6)

 The design for the mural.

The staircase before the mural.

To see the pictures of the finished mural please visit this page in a little while >


November 2018 / Denver, CO

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