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“Symbols of Colorado” is back with a sequel mural for the Denver’s Urban Arts Fund graffiti prevention Mural Program.

Cherry Creek_Mural_Design_Longmont_Colorado_Art_Yulia_Avgustinovich_Denver_Muralist

This week I started working on my next mural project at Cherry Creek Trail adjacent to Confluence Park.


I hope Colorado will give us a nice and warm November!

The wall before the mural


The Cherry Creek mural will be painted on the walls of the creek, facing a very busy pedestrian walkway and bike path.

At first, the mural was planned to be painted as a continuation of my mural “Symbols of Colorado” on W. Alameda Ave and I-25 in Denver Colorado.

But when the time came for the mural to be painted, I found out that the walls will be reconstructed within the next two years. So a new location for the mural needed to be found.

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Cherry Creek in Denver is a local hub for muralists, both local and international. More than 20 murals had been painted there in past years. So the decision to paint a mural there was an easy one. It’ll be nice for me to have a mural on Cherry Creek in Denver.

As I said above the theme for the mural is a continuation of my 2016 mural with symbols of Colorado.

If my first mural showed more known Colorado symbols like the state animal, state flower, state tree, and state fish; the second mural will acquaint viewers with less known symbols: the state reptile,

state dinosaur, state bird and other birds and animals native to Colorado: bison,


Cliff Swallow,

woodpecker, and prehistoric looking Double-crested Cormorant.

The natural views are mixed with the old city architecture, the Rocky Mountains and bright sun are an indispensable attribute of the symbols of Colorado.

Come back to see the pictures of the mural painting process in one of my next blog posts and the pictures of the finished mural on the mural project page in the near future.


November 2018 / Denver, CO

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