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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost will depend on a number of variables, the amount of detail and mural design; the more complicated the longer it takes to paint, and that dictates the price.  Painting people and animals is especially difficult and will also lead to an increase in price.  It can also depend on the wall itself, its condition and material, some surfaces, especially textured surfaces, will naturally take twice the amount of paint and twice the amount of time.  The height of the wall, range of surface and whether or not a mechanical lift will be needed are all factors that affect the cost.

The speed depends on the same factors as the price of the mural. Location of the wall, the size of the hand painted mural, the amount of details, how complicated it is, the height of the wall, work environments. So it can take as little as few days and up till few months, but very rarely more. It’s in my interest too to make the mural painting process fast and with the best quality possible.

The typical mural process starts with exploring and collecting information about the space and idea, creating a design for the hand painted mural, than painting (from big parts to details), and the last step – is covering with protection coating.

I work with 50% downpayment that is paid before the begining of mural painting, and other 50% is after the mural is completed and all нюансы согласованы и удовлетворены.

For hand painted outdoor wall murals I use acrylic exterior paint, the same as used for outdoor building facades. Such paint is very nice to work with, can be primed in any color needed, nontoxic and very durable.

Nowadays materials are made extremely strong and durable. Manufacturers give up to 20 years warranty on their exterior paint and interior materials, they can last for ages (even millennia, as many ancient hand painted wall murals existing till now across the world).

Warranty is given by paint manufacturer,  usually it is from 10 to 20 years.

Absolutely. Every hand painted wall mural and decoration is custom designed according to client’s needs, chosen theme, architectural specialties.

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