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“Native Birds and Plants of Northern California” – the title of my first outdoor mural in America. It was created for the local Bay Area medical marijuana dispensary, “Magnolia Wellness” in Oakland.
After we moved to the US it was my dream and goal to create murals and outdoor wall art. I was applying for government grants and public art calls, sending my portfolio to architects and interior design companies, but nothing was bringing positive results.

Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich Yulia

Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich YuliaAnd finally, in September 2014, my dream came true! Magnolia Wellness was opening a new shop in Oakland, and they wanted to decorate a wall that is facing their parking lot. A while before I had created an interior wall mural called “Port of Oakland” for them. That wall decor brought so much positive attention from the business’ customers, the owner asked me to create  another mural for them.

Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich YuliaOutdoor wall art by Avgustinovich Yulia

The process of creation of the mural took me one month and a week. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in working on an outdoor wall art. I received so many compliments about the mural, so many people were thanking me for creating the art.
Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich Yulia

Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich Yulia

After the mural was finished and covered with protective coating many neighboring businesses started thinking about getting some art decor for their buildings. The impact on their workers and customers was so big – that they started requesting it!



Outdoor wall art by Avgustinovich Yulia

In the spring of 2015 someone painted two big pieces of graffiti. Such vandalism is always very painful, I put a part of my heart in every art piece I make. It is like someone spits in your sole. Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist_Bay_Area_hand_painted_wall_murals_Outdoor wall_art

But nothing can be done with it other than, cover the graffiti and fix the mural. And now it’s like new again! The birds and flowers from the wall bring joy and happiness to everybody who is passing by.

Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist_Bay_Area_hand_painted_wall_murals_Outdoor wall_art

Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist_Bay_Area_hand_painted_wall_murals_Outdoor wall_art

Yulia_Avgustinovich_Muralist_Bay_Area_hand_painted_wall_murals_Outdoor wall_art


To see all pictures of the finished mural visit the project page in my portfolio>




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