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Tunnel Mural on the walls of an underpass in Longmont, CO.

The tunnel is located at 20th and Hover Street in Longmont, CO. It is a heavily used bike and pedestrian path that connects some main trails in Longmont CO.

Before the mural was painted the underpass was a sad and even unpleasant part of the trail, that many people tended to avoid. Myriads of tags, graffiti, and dull lighting made it unwelcoming place.

The project was a part of the City of Longmont’s Art in Public Places and the Police departments graffiti prevention program.

The walls with the mural were covered with an anti-graffiti coating, security cameras and bright lighting were placed in the tunnel.

Now the underpass is turned into a beautiful and positive art experience, that everybody is enjoying.

The design for this tunnel mural was chosen during a neighborhood/community meeting by the selection panel comprised mostly of neighbors and city representatives. My proposal was chosen from three other designs by Colorado muralists.

To see more pictures and learn more information about the design of this mural please visit this blog post >

Community members from neighboring communities also helped me paint the mural. It took two weeks for the mural to be finished. Please visit this blog post to see the pictures of the mural painting process >



October 2018 / Longmont, CO