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Painting of the Aurora Fox Mural

Painting of the Aurora Fox Mural

Aurora Fox Mural creation process. The mural project for Aurora Fox Arts theater consists of four walls. Each wall is representing its own theme and reveals a different side of the theater history and repertoire.  In my previous blog post, I wrote a detailed description of the design for each wall. Here you can see the process of painting the project, of each mural. This is the wall that is facing E Colfax avenue. The Aurora Fox mural is featuring a classic representation of the theater: a muse, patroness of the arts, a harp, theatrical masks, a jester and a cupid, devil, romantic serenade musician, and two ladies wearing masks. The second wall, also facing North and Colfax Avenue, is representing the children’s half of the theatre’s repertoire. Here are clowns, jesters, puppets and circus performers. The third wall, west facing, is the biggest. The third mural wall is telling a story about the fire, that damaged the building in 1981 and it’s rebirth from the ashes with the help of the community.  And the fourth wall is south facing. It shows the pre-fire history of the theater. Vintage clothing and bright colors add to the retro ambiance the mural. The mural was painted using acrylic paints and was covered with an anti-graffiti coating. Please check out my previous blog post about the design description for this mural project > ___________________ Aurora / 2019 ART BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER! Come join me on this journey I respect your...

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